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Sworn and certified translation

We can assist you in the applications in Italy for residence, driving licences, school applications and in general any process for moving to Italy, including the following translations.


We translate in a fast and accurate way various types of documents from / in European and non-Eu languages.


  • Driving licence - driver's license

  • Marriage - wedding – separation – divorce certificates

  • birth, death, residence certificates

  • Wills

  • documents certifying kinship

  • Special powers of attorney, legal mandates, affidavits

  • Contracts of sale, real-estate contract

  • Academic documents (school diploma, school report, school leaving certificate, university degrees)

  • Statements for children travelling abroad.

  • Legal documents (Criminal Record certificates, certificates of no pending proceedings)

  • Applications for utilities in Venice or Treviso (for instance water, power, gas, waste)

  • Civil or criminal judgements


Our professional interpreters can assist you in many situations from leisure to business, from conferences to meetings.

What is a certified translation?


Certified translations require an affidavit made by a professional translator swearing that the translated document is a ‘true and faithful translation’.

After submitting both the original and the translated document to the authorised official for oaths the translator makes a affidavit stating their responsibility for the translation and its accuracy.


When are certified translations necessary?

Certified translations are usually required for legal documents, contracts and court notifications as well as for school certificates, passports, and visas.

What is a legalised translation?

Legalised translations are translations of documents that have been legalised by the competent authority (in Italy, the Prefettura) who provides official confirmation that the signature, seal or stamp is genuine thus allowing the document to be accepted in countries other than the country of origin.
This procedure is only required in specific cases.


What is an Apostille?

The Apostille is the legalisation certificate attached to documents under the The Hague Convention of 5 October 1961. This is a simplified procedure for the legalisation of public documents to be used in countries other than the issuing country and is valid in the countries bound by the aforementioned Convention.

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